How to Select a New Advertising Agency

Such a lot of advertising these days is ineffective, or worse, owes a lot to the recurrence and speed with which clients change ad agencies. If we can encourage you to continue your existing agency relationship, we may assist with improving the level of your advertising a tiny bit and eliminate some of the frustrations you’re about to persevere.

If you still choose to make a change, we’ve identified some of the important questions you ought to consider as you begin the cycle.

How badly do you really want to make a change?

Changing agencies often results in a significant waste of your most valuable resources: time, money and the ability to zero in on the right issues. Seriously considering the possibility of another agency is:

Time consuming

Done right, reviewing and selecting another agency can take months. Done wrong, however long it takes, will have been a wasted effort.

You, or somebody in your company, ought to be prepared to:

o screen at least a dozen agencies,

odevelop a preliminary list of prospects,

o prepare and conduct orientation meetings with each,

o arrange for a visit to your company and with your colleagues,

o attend their presentations,

o deal with the press.

And that’s just the beginning. After the new agency’s PR Agencies in Canada selected and the contract’s marked, you’ll need time to bring them up to speed so they can foster new advertising.


The cost of conducting an audit will affect everything from your travel and entertainment budget to your miscellaneous costs. A consultant can facilitate the interaction, but at a considerable cost, in most cases.

You’ll also have to deliver the new agency’s work, another significant cost. One caveat: Your new advertising had better be good; you’ll have paid for it at least twice.


Selecting an agency is nearly an everyday work, and you have one of those already. In addition, an appropriate survey will require other key executives in your company to make time available for briefings, interviews, and presentations, not to mention making or reviewing the final selection.

The wrong problem, the wrong solution.

Too often the decision to conduct an agency audit results from factors having little or nothing to do with the company’s advertising, or the state of its agency relationship. Advertising’s visibility and skyrocketing costs invite decisions based on ego rather than fact, and subjectivity rather than careful analysis. If selected and employed for the wrong reasons, another agency and its advertising can easily do more harm than good to your market position.

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