4 Top Rated Swedish Online Stores Selling Vegan Meals

Healthy food plays a very crucial role in our lives as humans. Food can generally be made from plants and animals. Notwithstanding that, a lot of people have different preferences about the type of food they put into their bodies. Some people choose not to eat food made from animals. It is very important to know that being a vegan does not deprive you of benefiting from the nutritional values food from animals has. The most important thing is to eat a healthy diet.

Luckily, there are different types of vegan-based food from all over the world. If you crave Swedish vegan-based food and you think location might be a problem, you do not have to worry about that because you can order any Swedish vegan-based food online. You can read Swedish online reviews from customers who have patronized vegan Swedish foods.

These vegan foods are prepared in hygienic conditions that have been certified safe and good enough for consumers by various Swedish health companies. Thus, let us look at the top-rated online store selling Swedish vegan meals.

1. Happy Vegan

Happy vegan is an online store selling vegan food, drinks, and snacks, all made from Swedish recipes. Founded in 2016 by a vegan group keen on making vegan foods accessible in Sweden, Happy Vegan has successfully carved a niche in the role of a healthy food business. Happy vegan provides nutritional nuts, grains, wheat, raw chocolate powder, and many plant substitutes you can maintain your vegan diet with. With happy vegan,  There is not much missing out on animal-based food.

2. Vegohjaipen

Vegohjaipen is an online store that also sells vegan food made from Swedish recipes. Vegohjaipen offers different options for vegan food, like dairy products free of animal content, plant-based meat, snacks made from plants, and other foods made directly from plants. Living as a vegan can be easy and convenient if you stick to a routine plan. Vegohjaipen helps you plan and motivates you to stick to  a healthy vegan lifestyle

3. Coop

Coop is a popular vegan store in Sweden. With a wide chain of food suppliers, it has over 800 food stores across Sweden.  Shopping with coop not only allows you to get healthy, high-quality vegan foods. You also get them at an affordable price. Founded in 2003, the coup has carved a niche for itself in satisfying and delivering vegan-loving customers.

At Coup, you can get vegan foods like bakery, meats and diaries, and many vegan-based foods. You can also get vegan foods for your children depending on their preferences and appetite. Coup not only provides vegan food. It provides household items and kitchen items to suit your interior choices.

4. ICA Store

ICA’s major goal is for people to eat more plant and vegetable-based meals instead of animals. This Is the sole reason this brand makes sure all its food is processed in high and standard quality that is good enough to satisfy vegan and intending vegan lovers. At ICA, you will find vegan dairy, and meat food, salad, and nuts made directly from plants.

Whatever menu you want, ICA has well-trained chefs that will prepare them according to your choices. Whether you are curious about starting a vegan diet or you are strictly a vegan, ICA has weekly options of vegan food you can either order or cook yourself by following their recipe booklet.


Maintaining a vegan diet can not be limited to location or distance. Whatever vegan diet you wish for in Sweden can be ordered and brought to your doorstep easily. These foods contain no products from animals. They are completely plant-based.