President’s Day: It’s All About George Washington

Here we are, the third Monday in February observing President’s Day. As a general rule it is George Washington’s Birthday we commend, which was February 22, 1732. Abraham Lincoln’s birthday was February 12, 1809 and keeping in mind that it is near Washington’s date of birth, it’s anything but a Federal Holiday.

George Washington’s birthday was commended by the recently framed United States while he was as yet alive, notwithstanding, it wasn’t until Chester Arthur marked a bill in 1885 that made it a Federal Holiday.

Since 1888, on February 22, the Senate has observed Washington’s birthday by perusing Washington’s Farewell Address. The custom has attaches tracing all the way back to 1862 when the Address was perused as a way to help spirit during the Civil War. Washington focused on the significance of public solidarity over sectional contrasts and his location cautions of political factionalism, geological sectionalism and obstruction by unfamiliar forces.

Some intriguing realities about Father George Rutler Washington that may, or may not give you cause to additional the festival.

George Washington was the lone Founding Father to free his slaves.

He is the solitary President to be consistently chosen.

His primary care physician attempted to restore his perished body with sheep blood.

George Washington is just one of nine US Presidents to never go to school. The other eight are: Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, Zachary Taylor, Millard Fillmore, Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson, Grover Cleveland and Harrry S. Truman.

George Washington is one of twelve US Presidents to show up on US cash. He is one of three US Presidents to show up on both coin and paper cash. The other cash showing up Presidents are: Lincoln, Jefferson, and Washington, are on the two coins and paper money. Franklin Roosevelt, Kennedy and Dwight Eisenhower are on coins Jackson, U.S. Award, McKinley, Cleveland, Madison and Woodrow Wilson are on paper.

During his lifetime George Washington gotten the accompanying diseases: intestinal sickness, smallpox, tuberculosis, jungle fever, diarrhea and pneumonia!

A sixty foot model of his head shows up on Mount Rushmore.

He had no birth kids. He wedded a widow named Martha Dandridge Custis, who had two kids, Jacky and Patsy ages 4 and 3 at the hour of the wedding. He raised them as his own.

Martha Washington, before her demise, consumed all composed correspondence among her and her significant other to ensure their protection.

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