The Physically Challenged in the Nigerian Entertainment Industry

Late Ray Charles had lost his sight at seven years old and his more youthful sibling, two years sooner. The world he was once observed and relaxed in its excellence and tranquility had gotten dull and hazy. Even with difficulty and apparently impossible mountains as he voyaged tediously on life’s way, he discovered comfort in music which ended up being a break course that late Ray Charles strolled upon victoriously into fame. Such was the life of this incredible artiste(though dazzle), who played the piano with mastery that “Beam” a biopic film was delivered in 2004 featuring Jamie Foxx and coordinated by Taylor Hackford. Our folks would surely have a nostalgic inclination, remembering hit tunes, for example, “I got a lady”, “Georgia”, “Hit the Road Jack”, among others and with twelve Grammy grants and others combined with weighty accomplishments recorded in his profile, Ray Charles who gave to greatness on June 10, 2004 was really a legend.

“This track is so heavenly, I pass by the method of Cobilicious” was the introduction of the rap verses Cobhams Asuquo reeled out in Dekunle Fuji’s fruitful track “No Lele”, however numerous Nigerians were ignorant of his ‘nil vision state’. His fame took off among the general population when he played out the lovely provocative melody in the tune “Lagi Mo” (The Roof Top MCs) which saw the tune hitting the main spot on some Nigerian diagram shows. He won the HIP Hop world Awards 2007 for the “maker of the year classification”, expanding the quantity of statuettes he’d just gotten. He is by and by one of the exceptionally searched after makers in the music business, showing up on TV projects and unscripted TV drama (Project Fame West Africa, season 1) alongside the requesting for his administrations which reaches out to Corporate bodies, banks (Sky bank’s advert with the Akuna matata tune)

The cold hands of death nearly removed Yinka Ayefele in 1999 when he was associated with a car collision. The accident influenced his spinal harmony and condemned him to life on a wheel seat. Through the red hot preliminaries and the stop of the pity celebrating, he was strong enough to put the experience behind him, and blasting forward like water from a stone to extinguish our thirst with invigorating energizing gospel flavor. Notoriety, fortune, neighborhood and global honors have energetically discovered their way into his life.

The Nigerian music landscape can flaunt this team who have prevailing on its stage, yet can the equivalent be said of the film business. We’ve seen truly tested jobs (outwardly weakened/faltering) being performed by healthy actors as well as could be expected, yet wouldn’t it be an astonishment to a great many film watchers for therapeutically demonstrated, genuinely moved individuals to normally perform such jobs allocated to their capable partners. Who says there are no capable ones among them whose acting aptitudes can’t be looked over, after all only one out of every odd A-rundown actor considered theater expressions or went to schools that had practical experience in tackling such abilities.

There are a ton of gifted genuinely tested individuals out there spoiling ceaselessly basically on the grounds that nobody has set out to give them a possibility. After all the contents can be changed over into Braille letters for them to peruse, in any event we know their feeling of hearing is hyper practical than that of the touring individual. A lot of TV Reality shows Checkout Wizkids Top Ten Songs Of All Time have hit the screens these recent years (predominantly in the Entertainment part) with new ones rising constantly, for example, Gulder Ultimate inquiry, AMBO, Next famous actor, The Intern, Maltina Family move all, Star Quest, Football with Fash, The Twelve Ambassadors, Big Brother Nigeria, Apprentice Africa, Idols West Africa, Nokia First Chance, Project Fame West Africa.

No unscripted television show has been made for the genuinely tested presumably borne out of dread of not making sure about backers (who are centered around making returns for their ventures), or dread of by and large dismissal by the overflowing watchers. Who says an unscripted TV drama that the truly tested can work in can’t be imagined and birthed, its about resourcefulness and who can tell whether such an unscripted TV drama can wind up being the best among the parcel, nothing is incomprehensible!

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