What Moral Hypocrisy! – Pornography is Ok, But Not Online Gambling

The porn industry around the world has grown at an alarmingly high rate. This is because people who watch porn once hook up and then break free is very difficult. Most people say they watch porn to help improve their sex life. This is not true, pornography corrupts your mind. What kind of man or woman can improve their sex life by watching adults abuse and have sex with young boys and girls?

In the same way, many people speak of online gambling as a great sin. The pornography that millions of people look at on the net is accepted, while online gambling is not. This is nothing but moral hypocrisy.

So what do people think is wrong with online gambling?

1. People gamble online for fun and for money. People spend a lot of money watching porn and what they get out of it, some say it’s fun. But what people mostly get from watching porn is just a perverted mind.

2. Online gambling gives you the opportunity to win big money. If you are lucky and hit the jackpot, you could be millions richer. Viewing pornography online does not generate cash. It just pushes you and urges you to watch more and more porn. Viewing pornography is not free. You will either have to pay the site to watch your videos or you will have to download the video, which is time consuming and of course the expense of buying ever larger hard drives to contain your downloads.

3. Gambling online is something you can do from anywhere. You can sit with your laptop in a garden and play your favorite game of poker or slots. All you need to do is focus your attention; you don’t need privacy for this. You can always walk into an internet cafe and play your games of chance online. This is not so with pornography. Porn cannot be viewed anywhere you want. You need to have a room or a place where you will not be disturbed and there should be no children around you no matter what.

4. Friends and family can always sit with you and watch you play online. They can play with you or compete with you. It is something that everyone can enjoy. Pornography cannot be viewed in front of your family members. You can try watching it with your friends, but that also depends on the type of friends you have.

5. Online gambling games like Blackjack, etc. they require you to focus, think, strategize, and then play. In other words, these games are good for your brain as they put a UFA  lot of work into it. Porn when viewed in small doses can make you daydream and keep thinking about it. It is a huge addiction and you may be forced to think about sex all day and that is not good for your brain or your body. Constant thoughts about sex can even make you err or lead you down the wrong path.

6. Of course, gambling can also be an addiction and you can lose a lot of hard-earned money. But when you play online, the choice to play or stop playing is entirely up to you. There is no one like your opponents or friends who will tempt you to play even if you are on a losing streak.

Forget watching porn and start playing online for real fun.

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